8 thoughts on “Who You Gonna Call?

  1. He had a great time on Halloween and both parents were exhausted after helping him bust ghosts all day. I thought of you Terra as you would have really enjoyed seeing how into it he was since you have always loved Halloween so much. I couldn’t remember if you were able to see that firehouse when you were here a few years ago.

    • No unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to. That just means I will have to get there again soon, darn it 😉 ! Maybe one year for Halloween!!

  2. Yes, Henry would love it because I am sure you would actually dress up with him. I am learning to like Halloween, but not to the dressing up part yet.

  3. Just saw these photos! Loved the video and seeing how much fun Henry had ghost busting! Mark, I thought I might see your wife’s reply to your “Stay-Puft marshmallow mom” comment. You’re lucky she loves your sense of humor!

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