Botanical Garden Holiday Train Show ’15

We attended the New York Botanical Garden Train Show on Saturday, our second time going to see the holiday exhibit.


3 thoughts on “Botanical Garden Holiday Train Show ’15

  1. Jacqui, it won’t be long before another little boy comes along, but Henry again looks like he is enjoying the adventure.

  2. The photo entitled “Love for little brother and Big Mama” is heartbreakingly beautiful, so touching it brings tear to my eyes. This is one I’ll never forget and wish I could print. If y’all entered this photo into any kind of contest, I bet it would win first place! The other photos are also good. Looks like y’all had a fun adventure at the Botanical Garden Train Show. So glad ya’ll take Henry to such interesting places! All these experiences become a part of who he is, a curious, bright, loving and happy boy!

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