Hangin’ With the Ladies

Henry spent the end of the week playing with his girlfriends. Isla and Jessica came into town for a short visit on Thursday. Henry and Isla hadn’t been together since last year so they were happy to be reunited. Friday, Henry spent time with Aubrey and Halsey in Prospect Park. We are happy this has become a weekly event.

Picnics and Festivals

We are filling up the last few weekends of summer with plenty of activities. Friday evening, Henry was reunited with a few of his daycare friends at a picnic in Battery City Park. It was nice to see Wren, Sigourney and Aubrey (with parents) for some play time. We hope to continue the reunions semi-regularly as more of the families from daycare return from summer trips and other obligations.

Saturday, we went across the river to Eamonn and Emily’s neighborhood in Jersey City for La Festa Italiana. This is an annual event that raises money for the Holy Rosary Church. It is much like a street fair/carnival with better, more authentic Italian food, cheap wine with peaches and gambling involved. Henry had fun hanging out with the grownups and winning an alien from a baseball throw.

One on One Time

Henry and I have been filling our time together with a variety of activities (many free) in the last few weeks. It has been a tough transition for both of us since he no longer goes to daycare. I try to round up plenty of playdates and activities for us while working from home for part of the day. We both treasure this time together because come December, my attention will definitely be divided and it will be a big change for him.

Oh Brother!

Today I got an ultrasound (anatomy scan) of Baby Cousin II. Henry was a little confused by the image, asking “where is he?” and “where did that come from?” It is probably confusing to see a picture of the little brother we keep telling him is in my belly. Either way, he is pretty excited about “Belt” (Henry’s name for brother) and said he will teach him a lot.


Day Vacation

Henry and I took a day trip to Connecticut to see my friend Sara. We had not visited her since January of 2014. It was nice to get out on the beach with her and her three boys. Henry was a little timid about going in the water at first. Once he saw Sara’s youngest son, Sebastien (just turned 2) fearlessly swimming in, he decided he would like to take a chance too. Thanks to Sara for hosting us and taking Henry all the way out to the dock. It was wonderful to see Henry laughing in the water. He loved hanging out with all three boys and was very sad to leave saying, “I really miss them,” with tears before we even got on the train to head home.

Beach squint

Beach squint