3 thoughts on “eye_cut_08.18.13

  1. Oh this just pulls on my heart seeing our sweet little man with an boo boo. But I suppose this come with the territory of being a rambunctious boy exploring the big city.

    I loved all of the pictures of Ona and Gram, it looks like you all had a wonderful time.

    Thanks so much for sharing your day with us. Love and miss you so!

  2. Henry actually cried less for this cut than he does for some of his other falls/injuries.
    We all had a pretty nice time together last week. Henry missed hugging on Gram.
    We miss you a lot too. I will write you offline soon.

  3. Oh, our poor little baby! I’m so sorry Henry got hurt, but I know he’s at the age of getting into everything. Jacqui, Butch & I had to take your hubby to the ER for stitches on his chin when he fell off his little tyke bike onto our tiled floor, when he was 15 mos. It broke my heart but I guess Mark doesn’t remember it so wasn’t traumatized as much as his mom was!

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