4 thoughts on “Henry_profile_08.18.13

  1. Don’t think there is a little boy alive who hasn’t had the coffee table cut (and some girls). This is why I, like Muzz did, always fret when babies and children play around corners and just about anything else. “Im just a bundle of nerves”, as she would say!!!! Kiss that baby for me.

  2. One of my first memories of you Jackets is when mom brought me in to see you sleeping in your crib after having to have stitches in your forehead after falling on the coffee table, You looked a lot like this, a little cut and curly sweaty head of red hair. I must have been worried about you cuz she had to show me you were ok. I am just now remembering it. (I think this all happened anyway…LOL, you never know with memories) Maybe someone else remembers it more clearly, we could not have been older than 2 years old.

  3. Mom was telling me this weekend that it may be the time that you broke your collar bone, not the stitches. I think I was too young to remember that maybe? Anywho……

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