Wyoming Roundup

More highlights from Henry’s and my trip to Wyoming are seen in this photo gallery. Henry was able to visit most people in my family and everyone really enjoyed seeing him again, especially since he got really sick last time we visited (before he was one year’s old).


NOLA recap ’14

Michelle and Tyler’s Wedding


Henry’s big moment as ring bearer required a last minute line-up change since he and his Paw Paw have become practically inseparable during this trip. Nevertheless, he pulled it off and kept his composure during the ceremony. Congrats and thanks to both Tyler and Michelle!


Suzanne in the City

We had a nice time with Aunt Suzanne during her visit. Unfortunately, today was bitter cold so we were unable to go outside for too long. Henry and I were able to show her Grand Central Terminal which she had only visited once before.

We compiled some highlights of her visit in the gallery below.

A Visit from Aunt Suzanne

My Aunt Suzanne arrived from Wyoming today. Aunt Sue met Henry in Wyoming last spring, but Henry was not feeling well at the time. He seemed to open up to her right away and we had a nice night eating out at Sole di Capri (formerly Café Capri). We hadn’t been to this restaurant since before Henry was born, so it was nice to return to an old favorite. Since there’s bitter cold here now and an expected snowstorm coming, Aunt Sue did not escape bad weather by leaving Wyoming, but we still hope to have an eventful weekend.

Sunday Afternoon Strollers

There were several Halloween events in our neighborhood yesterday. We were intent on joining a small parade that marches down Greenwich Street. This is a chance for all the kids in the neighborhood to dress up and walk to Washington Market while showing off their costumes. Henry and Mae both decided to take their naps shortly after we lined up.

On Sunday afternoon we went for another short walk and discovered a one-room museum, MMuseumm, tucked away in a freight elevator in a small alley in Tribeca. As a belated birthday gift, Julie and I were also able to go to dinner at her favorite dining spot, Les Halles. Thanks to Mark for watching both babies.

Today will be the saddest day of the visit, Julie and Mae are leaving this afternoon.

Bee Sting Cake

Julie was nice enough to accommodate my request to bake her recipe for Bee Sting Cake last night. I’d only recently learned of the existence of Bee Sting Cake (or Bienenstich, in German) when I tasted it at the Mercedes-Benz commissary during Octoberfest.

For those who haven’t encountered it yet, it consists of sweet yeast cakes with a custard cream filling and a caramelized honey almond topping.


Just Maebee…And Henry

Our initial plans included going to one park a day. We made it to the park yesterday. It is not easy to get two one-year-old’s out and about at the same time, but also Mae has been a bit under the weather since arriving. She is still a trooper though and really tries to be part every activity. We are enjoying each other’s (sometimes whiny) company nevertheless. (Picture of Julie’s Bee Sting cake to come in a later post).