Run, Eat, Drink, Party

We had an eventful Saturday. I ran the Brooklyn Half Marathon first thing. I came home to get my boys and we went to the 20th Annual Taste of Tribeca. This was our sixth time attending the food festival and since Henry never stops moving, it is a little harder to sit and enjoy and the food. We were still able to enjoy a nice sampling of many local restaurants.

After attending the food festival, we headed to SoHo for a birthday party for a friend, Evan, at the Scholastic store. Afterwards, we enjoyed a few beers with the Studleys. Henry and Hudson shared some quality time running around and yelling at one another. Luckily, it was a quiet Saturday afternoon at the bar and the bartenders were very accommodating.

Brooklyn Bar Baby

At the risk of being “that couple” who bring their baby to the bar, we decided to meet friends at Union Hall, a bar in Brooklyn with indoor bocce courts. During past visits, playing bocce there has been a casual diversion between rounds of drinks, but the holiday weekend, cold weather and possibly its recent appearance on a popular tv show, made it a longer wait for a court. So we didn’t get a chance to play, but still enjoyed hanging out with friends.