Coxsackie Blues

Henry was upset most of Monday night. Tuesday morning he seemed fine. Around noon, Maryellen wrote to tell me that he had a fever and I should come pick him up. I took him to the pediatrician and he has some blisters on the back of his throat. Apparently this is a common virus called Coxsackie.

Our Tuesday night was spent taking turns trying to soothe Henry boy. This was the most sick he has ever been in his short life. I was unable to take him to daycare today and his fever has been up and down. As of my writing this, he seems to be feeling a lot better and was smiling and crawling around most of the night. Hopefully, we can get him back in the swing of things tomorrow.

Blues Boy Clyde

Henry got a chance to attend his first concert Wednesday night. Every year there is a series of free blues concerts outside near the World Financial Center. B.B. King just happened to be the first performer this year. We couldn’t see too much, but Henry and I danced a little bit. After a few songs, Henry got a little bit tired so we headed home, but it was pretty cool that he could hear a legendary blues guitarist for his first show. Mark couldn’t attend because he was working late and we missed him.