Family Time

More highlights of my family’s visit are seen below. Saturday we had a picnic at Sheep Meadow in Central Park. Sunday, we went to a barbeque in Brooklyn at Miranda and Alex’s house. They were great hosts and the kids played and played and played. Although most of our activities were centered around two-year-olds, my sister Julie and nephew Blue were able to sneak away for a night in Times Square and also attended a Yankees game on Sunday night. We missed them all a lot when they left Tuesday afternoon.

Coney Island Baby

Henry had previously been to Coney Island when we met Jacqui at the finish line of the Brooklyn Half-Marathon, but he didn’t have the chance to visit the amusement parks or play on the beach. Since his cousin Shannon had never been, we decided to pay a visit, making it Henry’s first actual time at a beach and in the ocean.


Cousin Sunday

Cousin Shannon, Henry and I started our Sunday with a bike ride up the Hudson River Park with a short stop on the Upper West Side so Henry could run a little bit. After the bike ride, Mark joined us for a walk across the crowded Brooklyn Bridge to the Brooklyn Bridge Park. Henry was very happy to play with Shannon and show her the park. Once home and exhausted, Henry did not want to go to bed for fear of missing something so he slept with Shannon on the pull out couch for half the night.

Summer Sunday Playdates

Henry had a busy Sunday playing with friends and visiting another borough. My friend and former colleague, Heather brought her two children, Billy and Fiona downtown to play for a few hours early in the morning. Henry had not yet met these two sweet kids, and they had a great time hanging out and getting to know one another.

After Heather and family’s visit, Henry and I headed to Brooklyn to hang out with Jessica, Stacey and their two girls, Isla and Vera. The kids spent some time in the kiddie pool while the moms were able to drink a bit of champagne. Sidenote: Stacey’s husband, Paul, made a wonderful smoked brisket.


Billy, Henry and Fiona walk to Washington Market Park hand in hand.

Elle’s Birthday

Elle, another of Henry’s friends from daycare, celebrated her birthday at Adam Yauch Park in Brooklyn on Saturday.