Film Fest Family Day

Today we headed down the street to the Tribeca Film Festival Family Street Fair. It is held annually as part of the Tribeca Film Festival. It is a nice opportunity for kids to take part in the festival with mostly free activities and games for all ages. Henry enjoyed the bubbles and kite building, but was also content to sit and color near the Back to the Future exhibit.

Bubbles, Bubbles, Everywhere

Henry had his final celebration for his second birthday at daycare today. Maryellen has a party for each child on or around their birthday including, bubbles, candles, and balloons in whatever color is chosen by the child. Henry chose orange, blue and well, whatever color was closest to him, so Maryellen used a variety of colors. Readers may recall that Henry was just learning to walk last year at this time and began taking consistent steps without falling at his daycare party last year. I was lucky enough to be there and see it.