Day Vacation

Henry and I took a day trip to Connecticut to see my friend Sara. We had not visited her since January of 2014. It was nice to get out on the beach with her and her three boys. Henry was a little timid about going in the water at first. Once he saw Sara’s youngest son, Sebastien (just turned 2) fearlessly swimming in, he decided he would like to take a chance too. Thanks to Sara for hosting us and taking Henry all the way out to the dock. It was wonderful to see Henry laughing in the water. He loved hanging out with all three boys and was very sad to leave saying, “I really miss them,” with tears before we even got on the train to head home.

Beach squint

Beach squint

Henry and Isla

Henry and I traveled to Connecticut to visit our friends Jessica and Isla. We toured the Norwalk Maritime Aquarium. Although both kids enjoyed the animals, they really enjoyed running around and investigating the building itself more. Henry touched a jellyfish for the first time and he screamed with delight.

Weekend Highlights

Henry had a somewhat active weekend, playing in the park on Saturday and traveling to New Jersey on Sunday for Hudson Studley’s 1st Birthday party. Henry had a good time running around, yelling, and running around some more and then sleeping on the train home.

Jersey Daytrippers

Ona-Rain came into town Saturday afternoon. She will be visiting a college outside of New York on Thursday, but wanted to spend a few days with some of her favorite family members beforehand.

Henry, Ona-Rain and I traveled to New Jersey Sunday for brunch with ex-workmates, Dina and Nicole (who visited here in November). Also in attendance was Megan Ward, another ex-workmate saying farewell to New York friends as she heads to Oregon in March to try something new.

Connecticut Day Trip

Henry and I took a ride on Metro-North yesterday. We visited my old friend Sara Ingrassia. I met Sara when I posted an ad for a running partner while training for the NYC Marathon in 2004. It’s hard to believe we have known each other for ten years. Finding a good running partner is hard, but finding one that turns into a friend outside of running is even harder. We spent many early mornings in Central Park together and often reminisce about it when we see each other. Sara and her husband, Brian, moved to Connecticut after the birth of their first son.

Henry was well behaved on the train and had a great time at Sara’s. She has three boys (Luca, Noah, and Sebastian) so needless to say, there were plenty of toys to keep him entertained. I was happy to talk to another mom and catch up with an old friend.

My Buddy

Henry and I took the MetroNorth train (Henry’s first time in Grand Central and on Metro-North) to Fairfield, Connecticut to visit Jessica, Gray and Isla Burn. Jessica and Gray’s baby, Isla was born in June 2012, so she and Henry are not too far apart. Although in baby time, it is pretty amazing what a difference even two months makes as far as development. Isla is almost eating two solids a day while Henry is still drinking his food. It was fun for the two kids to meet and it was nice for me to catch up with my good friends. Here are some photos of the two just hanging out. Many forced poses by parents, of course.

This hand holding pose was not forced. Henry fell into Isla and it looked as though she was trying to hold his hand. What a flirt.

This hand holding pose was not forced. Henry fell into Isla and it looked as though she was trying to hold his hand. What a flirt.