Fountains of Fun

There are many parks within walking distance of our apartment. Each park usually has a sprinkler/fountain for Henry to enjoy. It seems as though we can go to a different one each day of the week.

The doggie fountains are in an older park that we have been to many times, but hadn’t noticed the great “doggie” fountains until last week.

Readers¬†may recall the colorful water park of Pier 25 from the famous post “Little Squirt” in May.


Run, Eat, Drink, Party

We had an eventful Saturday. I ran the Brooklyn Half Marathon first thing. I came home to get my boys and we went to the 20th Annual Taste of Tribeca. This was our sixth time attending the food festival and since Henry never stops moving, it is a little harder to sit and enjoy and the food. We were still able to enjoy a nice sampling of many local restaurants.

After attending the food festival, we headed to SoHo for a birthday party for a friend, Evan, at the Scholastic store. Afterwards, we enjoyed a few beers with the Studleys. Henry and Hudson shared some quality time running around and yelling at one another. Luckily, it was a quiet Saturday afternoon at the bar and the bartenders were very accommodating.

Weekend Walks

For many years, Mark and I didn’t have a lot of money to do things on the weekends, so just exploring New York was our main form of entertainment. One of our favorite pastimes was simply taking long walks in different parts of the city. Since Henry came along, we haven’t had the opportunity to take too many leisurely strolls and just getting where we need to go with a baby has been enough. Saturday, we took a reminiscent walk through the West Village with Henry in tow. He seemed to enjoy it and never once cried. Looks like we can resume our long walks after all.

Brooklyn Backyard BBQ

We went to a BBQ in Brooklyn hosted by our friends, Alex and Miranda on Saturday. We got a chance to socialize a bit and Henry saw some more dogs up close.