Weight Training

Out for our morning exercise/basketball practice, Henry and I spotted a boot camp for kids taking place. Henry wanted to give it a try and the trainer, Jerry, guided him through some of the exercises. We hope to go for a complete session soon.


Henry tackles the weight bench with Jerry spotting him.

NOLA recap ’14

Memorial Day Bike Ride

Henry and I were only able to take our bike out a few times last fall and he wasn’t too keen on the idea. His helmet would fall over his eyes and I would have to stop many times to check on him. Flash forward to spring and the helmet is almost too small, but Henry was very enthusiastic about the idea of putting it on and riding in the bike seat (he was comfortable enough to fall asleep very early in the ride). I am still a little timid about riding on the crowded west side bike path, but hopefully I will get more confident too.


Henry and I start our short ride on Reade Street.

Maiden Voyage

Henry’s bike helmet arrived on Friday. I have to admit, I was a little bit tentative about taking him out for a ride. Not only is the West Side bike path busy because of speeding bicyclists and runners all clumped together, but I fear a loss of balance given the uneven distribution of weight.

Once we got going, I was fine, but Henry was apprehensive. He wasn’t too excited about the ride overall and we didn’t make it too far without him trying to slip out of the seat. I hope for a better ride next time. He didn’t like the BOB jogging stroller too much the first time and now he is perfectly comfortable on our runs.