Michelle and Tyler’s Wedding


Henry’s big moment as ring bearer required a last minute line-up change since he and his Paw Paw have become practically inseparable during this trip. Nevertheless, he pulled it off and kept his composure during the ceremony. Congrats and thanks to both Tyler and Michelle!


Fountains of Fun

There are many parks within walking distance of our apartment. Each park usually has a sprinkler/fountain for Henry to enjoy. It seems as though we can go to a different one each day of the week.

The doggie fountains are in an older park that we have been to many times, but hadn’t noticed the great “doggie” fountains until last week.

Readers may recall the colorful water park of Pier 25 from the famous post “Little Squirt” in May.


Central Park Rock Climbing

We went to an annual birthday picnic in Central Park for friends which allowed Henry to attempt rock climbing again. With my assistance, he reached an altitude of about 5 feet.