Suzanne in the City

We had a nice time with Aunt Suzanne during her visit. Unfortunately, today was bitter cold so we were unable to go outside for too long. Henry and I were able to show her Grand Central Terminal which she had only visited once before.

We compiled some highlights of her visit in the gallery below.

Roosevelt Island Tram

Yesterday, Henry and I headed uptown to meet friends at Serendipity 3, a popular restaurant and tourist attraction. We were supposed to have a dessert there with Colm, Mimi and Malichai, her eight-year-old nephew who was in town from Indiana. Having never been there, we were under the impression we could just simply walk in. This, however was not the case as the restaurant has a two and half hour wait and does not allow strollers.

While our names were on the wait list we took the Roosevelt Island Tramway. I had not been on the tram since 2002 and it offers a very scenic view of the city. We never got dessert at Serendipity, but had cupcakes at a Magnolia Bakery outpost in Grand Central instead. It was a nice outing for Henry and me.

Grand Central

Friday night Henry, Mark and I took the subway to Grand Central Terminal to see a small model train exhibit at the MTA store. Henry had only been to Grand Central once before when he was about four months old and not able to explore. This time he seemed to be in awe of everything, especially the crowds. I had a sense of joy mixed with nostalgia watching him walk through the station. Grand Central is not only one of my favorite buildings in New York, but it was also a frequent meeting place for Mark and I early in our relationship.