Wyoming Roundup

More highlights from Henry’s and my trip to Wyoming are seen in this photo gallery. Henry was able to visit most people in my family and everyone really enjoyed seeing him again, especially since he got really sick last time we visited (before he was one year’s old).


NOLA recap ’14

Henry & Virgie

Today Henry was introduced to his Great-grandmother Virgie. Virgie is my grandfather Henry‘s widow and she just celebrated her 95th birthday last week. We were joined by Aunt Cheryl and cousin Shannon and we had lunch and later snowballs from Sal’s for dessert.

Weekend Walk (with Guests)

Today we had company for our weekend walk. Gram and Ona came along on a meandering walk from Tribeca to the West Village and back again. Stops included Washington Market Park for fun at the playground, Jacques Torres for chocolate, Housing Works thrift store for bargains (including Henry’s first baseball: $1), Magnolia Bakery for cupcakes and the Hudson Diner for lunch.


New Hires

My au pairs for the week have arrived. Gram and Ona arrived yesterday. Our daycare is closed for the next two weeks, so they are here to watch Henry for the first week of the closing. I am happy to have them here not only to watch Henry, but also to spend some time with them.

Today we took a long walk through Brooklyn because Gram had never had a chance to see Brooklyn Heights or the Brooklyn Bridge Park. Although thoroughly exhausted, we had a great day.


More From Wyoming

Henry is feeling much better. I still regret that he couldn’t mingle more with everyone on Saturday, but very glad he got to meet everyone and experience a little bit of my home state. One thing I have discovered in my many years in New York is that the west is always in my heart. I look forward to Henry getting older and being able to truly enjoy all the beauty of Wyoming (in the summer of course, the winters are a bit long).

Most of the photos in the gallery show Henry with family members and the video shows his progress as he learns to crawl. It was nice for Henry to have all the space of my grandmother’s floor to really move vs. our small apartment floor where he is unable to go very far without running into something.