Art Connoisseur

We visited a few art galleries in Chelsea (and the West Village) today. In particular, we wanted to show Henry an exhibit by the sculptor, Nancy Rubins called “Our Friend Fluid Metal” which is made from countless salvaged playground toys.

The other highlight was a show called “Multiple Personalities” by Rob Pruitt at Gavin Brown’s enterprise in the West Village.

Warm Winter Walk

It was unseasonably warm today with the temperature getting up into the 60’s. So we took advantage of the mild weather with a long walk through Hudson Square, Greenwich Village and the Meatpacking District this afternoon.

Weekend Walk (with Guests)

Today we had company for our weekend walk. Gram and Ona came along on a meandering walk from Tribeca to the West Village and back again. Stops included Washington Market Park for fun at the playground, Jacques Torres for chocolate, Housing Works thrift store for bargains (including Henry’s first baseball: $1), Magnolia Bakery for cupcakes and the Hudson Diner for lunch.


Weekend Walks

For many years, Mark and I didn’t have a lot of money to do things on the weekends, so just exploring New York was our main form of entertainment. One of our favorite pastimes was simply taking long walks in different parts of the city. Since Henry came along, we haven’t had the opportunity to take too many leisurely strolls and just getting where we need to go with a baby has been enough. Saturday, we took a reminiscent walk through the West Village with Henry in tow. He seemed to enjoy it and never once cried. Looks like we can resume our long walks after all.

Party Boy

On Saturday we went to Greenwich Village to celebrate with our friends, Chad and Tracy, who threw a party for their son, Gavin’s second birthday.

Henry encounters a balloon for the first time.

Henry encounters a balloon for the first time.

Gavin (birthday boy) and Henry are delighted by helium's properties.

Gavin (birthday boy) and Henry are delighted by helium’s properties.