We took Henry back to the pediatrician’s office today for an unscheduled visit because his eyes have been irritated, crusty and puffy. Again we were reassured that this isn’t uncommon in newborns. (First-time parents need extra reassurance.)

Henry also went to his first restaurant, Benvenuto Cafe (though he didn’t eat, of course) and later received a visit from our friend Jessica, a first-time parent herself, though her three-month-old daughter didn’t accompany her.

But on to the main subject of today’s post: Henry is named after his paternal great-grandfather, Henry Taillac, who was born in New Orleans, LA on August 19, 1914.

After a career with the municipal utility and transit provider, he spent his retirement years traveling, gardening and tinkering in his workshop. As a kid, I spent a lot of time during my summer vacations with him and his second wife, Virgie. We remained close until his death nine years ago today on September 14, 2003.

He was a patient, kind man with a clever mind and sharp sense of humor who was universally beloved by his family.

It’s my hope that our son, Henry will develop these same traits as he grows.

Henry Taillac, 1927

Henry Taillac, 1999