Brooklyn Half Marathon

Henry and Mark met me after I finished the Brooklyn Half Marathon this morning. I hadn’t run this race for a few years. The course has changed (now ending in Coney Island instead of Prospect Park) and so has my ability to recover as quickly as I used to. I am pretty sore as I write this. It was sure nice to know I could hug my Henry after I was done running. That is what kept me going when I started to struggle in the last mile.

This was Henry’s first trip to Coney Island. He didn’t really get to see much of it, but I told him that the Cyclone will probably still be around when he is old enough to ride it. I tend to forget that people are still feeling the effects of Hurricane Sandy. Coney Island seems to be in a long recovery mode and it is pretty sad as both Mark and I have some fun memories of attending concerts and playing volleyball with friends there. Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs is still closed, but I am sure Coney Island will recover eventually.


Henry and me in front of the Cyclone.

Henry and I watch the other runners at the end of the race.

Henry and I watch the other runners at the end of the race.

Henry found my finisher medal to be a nice chew toy.

Henry found my finisher medal to be a nice chew toy.

The Lights Are On

After a week long power outage for all of lower Manhattan, the lights came back on Saturday. We took some time to get back in the swing of things. Of course, we know that a loss of power for a week was relatively easy to endure compared to the recovery many people in our area now face. The outage was actually a nice break from television and internet, but by Saturday, we were ready for some hot water and football. Henry didn’t really notice the difference and we can add another first to his list of firsts, Hurricane (Super Storm).

Weathering the Storm

We stayed in our apartment throughout Hurricane Sandy and we’ve remained safe and dry. However we are without electricity and have only sporadic cellular phone service. (I’m writing this post at a friend’s place in Queens.) So thanks to all of our family members who’ve expressed concern and don’t worry: we have plenty of food and water. We’re just trying to be patient and deal with the inconveniences. And Henry’s still happy, in fact he took advantage of the blackout to relieve his constipation under cover of darkness. (Maybe more info than you needed, I know, but just trying to see the bright side.)

The Calm Before the Storm

Hurricane Sandy is coming! At least that is what the media is telling us. Mark, being from New Orleans, doesn’t ever take any storm too seriously. As a result, we did not evacuate for Hurricane Irene last August. We were probably the only people left in our building that late August weekend. It was so quiet and nice to have the building all to ourselves for two days.

Hurricane Sandy is supposed to hit a little harder and the news programs said it would hit The Battery first if it hits New York City. The Battery is just down Broadway, but we only get slight breezes off the Hudson. Within ten minutes of watching the news this morning, Al Roker said the storm was downgraded to a tropical storm and then went back up to a hurricane. We will spend our Saturday morning preparing and now that we have a child, perhaps take the warnings more seriously.