Graduation Day

We attended Henry’s graduation at SoHo Child Care yesterday. Maryellen gave each child a cape and hat as they marched to “Pomp and Circumstance”. We were happy to watch him in what was the first of many graduation ceremonies.

It is amazing to see how far Henry has come since starting daycare in 2013. Maryellen, Martha, Sophia and his friends there have become like family. As always, we are very thankful for all the ladies for everything they do for Henry and all the children at SoHo. Henry will continue to attend for post-graduate studies until December.

Halloween ’14

For Halloween this year we took Henry trick-or-treating at the American Museum of Natural History after a fun day celebrating with his daycare friends. So he spent most of his day dressed as a T.Rex which was especially appropriate for the museum visit.

Maryellen and the daycare crew in costume.

Maryellen and the daycare crew in costume.

Daycare Graduation ’14

The annual graduation ceremony took place at Henry’s daycare yesterday. This is mostly for children who are three and will be going to school in the fall, but all the children take part and send them off in style. Several of the friends Henry has come to know in the last year and a half will be leaving Maryellen’s. He will now be one of the veterans and take the stage next year. Congratulations to all the young graduates!

Bad Hair Day

I’ve known Henry’s hair was getting too long for over a month now. Mark cut a little off the back a few weeks ago, but this morning I tried to finish the job by taking some more off his bangs and the sides. This didn’t turn out so well. The key to a good haircut for children is to leave these things up to the professionals, or maybe someone who has a little bit of experience with children’s hair.

Thank goodness Maryellen offered to clean up my uneven cut and Henry’s hair looked better when he got home from daycare.

Milestone in the Morning

Since I have been recovering from a stress fracture in my foot and wearing a boot, Maryellen has been helping to get Henry up the stairs to daycare this week. Today, Henry took initiative and climbed all the way up himself. The stairs are pretty steep, so it was somewhat scary for me to see. I was also very proud and so was he. It is amazing to watch him get more confident and try something new every day.

Henry climbs up the steep stairs to daycare.

Henry climbs up the steep stairs to daycare.

Celebrating Henry

Maryellen usually has a small party for daycare attendees who are celebrating a birthday. Since Henry was not at daycare for his actual birthday, she had balloons and a candle for him today. I went to join and take some pictures. I was glad I was there because I was able to see him take the most steps he has yet and get it on camera for Mark too. Henry was definitely in his element as he showed off for the crowd gathered around to sing him Happy Birthday (his final Happy Birthday this year).

Daycare Celebration

I attended Henry’s daycare celebration yesterday. The celebration is actually a graduation party for the older children who will be moving on to pre-school in the fall. It is also a reunion of sorts for former children who attended Soho Childcare. It is really a family affair as many families have several children who all spent years with Maryellen. Henry is one of the youngest, so he still has a ways to go before graduating, but I am continually grateful to have found such a great place for my boy.

Henry at his daycare celebration hangin' with the older kids.

Henry at his daycare celebration hangin’ with a former grad (to the left of Henry) and older attendee (standing).