Botanical Garden Holiday Train Show ’14

Today, we were able to attend the NY Botanic Garden Holiday Train Show in the Bronx. Henry was excited to see the many trains roll around the intricately made replicas of New York area landmarks.

Celebrating Two Years

Henry’s birthday is today. If the first two years go this fast, he will be a teenager in no time. As his mother, I will continue to feel nostalgia every September 5th, while his anticipation for his birthday will grow when he learns what it means.

Today, we had a short celebration with cake and asked Gabe and Jake to come help sing Happy Birthday. Tomorrow, we will have his party with his friends in the park (crossing our fingers that it does not rain).

Grand Central

Friday night Henry, Mark and I took the subway to Grand Central Terminal to see a small model train exhibit at the MTA store. Henry had only been to Grand Central once before when he was about four months old and not able to explore. This time he seemed to be in awe of everything, especially the crowds. I had a sense of joy mixed with nostalgia watching him walk through the station. Grand Central is not only one of my favorite buildings in New York, but it was also a frequent meeting place for Mark and I early in our relationship.