Monster Motif

Henry’s Aunt Juj (Julie), and her daughter, Ona spent a lot of time creating a handmade surprise gift for him. Exactly what is was, even we weren’t sure. We only knew that they’d spent a lot of time making it and that it had finally been shipped. So we started getting concerned that their efforts would go to waste when it appeared that the package had been lost in transit. Luckily it was only delayed and eventually made it here intact after a few weeks.

As you can see in the photos below (enlarge them by clicking), it was worth the wait. The package actually consisted of three handmade gifts, all with the same theme: MONSTERS! There’s a blanket with patterns on both sides featuring various little monsters, a stuffed monster toy buddy for Henry, and best of all, a hanging mobile featuring multiple stuffed monsters, each one different.

After hanging the mobile above his crib, we laid Henry down and he was immediately fascinated by the odd creatures floating above him. It’s pretty clear he’s going to get a lot of enjoyment out of these gifts and we all appreciate them very much. Thanks Aunt Juj & Cousin Ona!

Also: Apparently they made another mobile for Henry’s cousin, Mae – only her’s is bird-themed.