Taste of Tribeca ’15

We attended the annual food fest, Taste of Tribeca, in our neighborhood on Saturday. This was Henry’s third time attending and our eighth. This is one of our favorite yearly events and it is also a chance to support the local schools. Henry was Spiderman for the day and enjoyed wearing the sword he received from a nice lady making balloon animals for the kids.

Green Goatee

We’ve been trying to expose Henry to a wider variety of foods lately. Recently Jacqui brought home some avocados intending to make a plain, mild guacamole for him to try. In the meantime I came across a recipe in another blog for an Avocado Coconut Smoothie. It’s not specifically intended as baby food but happens to be perfect for someone with only one tooth. Henry enjoyed it and I’d recommend it for adult tastes too.


Put the avocado in the coconut and drink it all up.