Chasing Sebastian

Henry ran into Sebastian from down the hall at Washington Market Park today. Sebastian is a few months older than Henry and other than some brief games in the hall, the two don’t often have a chance to play together. It was nice for them to run around in a bigger space.

Kickin’ It

Henry and I saw our neighbor, Fred on the way to the park yesterday and the two kicked the ball around for a bit. Fred calls Henry the “Mayor of the 9th Floor” because Henry is often in the hall (we live on the 9th floor) running and yelling.

Celebrating Two Years

Henry’s birthday is today. If the first two years go this fast, he will be a teenager in no time. As his mother, I will continue to feel nostalgia every September 5th, while his anticipation for his birthday will grow when he learns what it means.

Today, we had a short celebration with cake and asked Gabe and Jake to come help sing Happy Birthday. Tomorrow, we will have his party with his friends in the park (crossing our fingers that it does not rain).

Cabin Fever

Because of the heavy snowfall, Henry spent most of the day inside our apartment. When I got home from work we went into the hallway for a little playtime. Soon after, Henry’s yells alerted the boys down the hall, Jake and Gabe, who are always up to play ball. After a while pretty much every kid on our floor was playing together in the hall.