Picnics and Festivals

We are filling up the last few weekends of summer with plenty of activities. Friday evening, Henry was reunited with a few of his daycare friends at a picnic in Battery City Park. It was nice to see Wren, Sigourney and Aubrey (with parents) for some play time. We hope to continue the reunions semi-regularly as more of the families from daycare return from summer trips and other obligations.

Saturday, we went across the river to Eamonn and Emily’s neighborhood in Jersey City for La Festa Italiana. This is an annual event that raises money for the Holy Rosary Church. It is much like a street fair/carnival with better, more authentic Italian food, cheap wine with peaches and gambling involved. Henry had fun hanging out with the grownups and winning an alien from a baseball throw.

Central Park Rock Climbing

We went to an annual birthday picnic in Central Park for friends which allowed Henry to attempt rock climbing again. With my assistance, he reached an altitude of about 5 feet.

Sheep Meadow

Mark, Henry and I went to another picnic in the Sheep Meadow in Central Park on Saturday. Aaron, Cara-Lynn, and Sierra Deutsch hosted. The weather has been reasonable compared to the heat wave of the previous week, so it was nice to be able to be outside and socialize.


Picnic & Visitors

This afternoon we attended an annual birthday picnic in Central Park for friends, Emily and Carolyn before returning home to welcome Jacqui’s stepsister, Terra and her family visiting from Wyoming.


Sierra offers Henry a cracker with cheese during the picnic. Henry politely declined, citing insufficient teeth.

Henry meets Jacqui’s stepsister, Terra and her family. (left to right: Andrew, Emma, Terra, Matt, Henry, Jacqui)