Hangin’ With the Ladies

Henry spent the end of the week playing with his girlfriends. Isla and Jessica came into town for a short visit on Thursday. Henry and Isla hadn’t been together since last year so they were happy to be reunited. Friday, Henry spent time with Aubrey and Halsey in Prospect Park. We are happy this has become a weekly event.

Stella Time

We met Stella and her parents in Central Park today, followed by some fun at the sprinklers outside Hayden Planetarium at the Natural History Museum. Stella and Henry are really good buddies and they spent lots of time running around and sweating in the hot sun. Needless to say, both kids were pretty worn out afterwards.

Book Buddies

Henry had a play date with his friend Stella. The pair seems to enjoy reading and can often be seen sitting together, flipping through books. Of course, being two-year-olds, they can also be seen screaming and laughing at each other. Other than a big bump on Stella’s head from an accidental fall (not shown in photos), the play date went very well.


Henry and Stella look at books together.


Henry and Stella crack each other up.


Summer Sunday Playdates

Henry had a busy Sunday playing with friends and visiting another borough. My friend and former colleague, Heather brought her two children, Billy and Fiona downtown to play for a few hours early in the morning. Henry had not yet met these two sweet kids, and they had a great time hanging out and getting to know one another.

After Heather and family’s visit, Henry and I headed to Brooklyn to hang out with Jessica, Stacey and their two girls, Isla and Vera. The kids spent some time in the kiddie pool while the moms were able to drink a bit of champagne. Sidenote: Stacey’s husband, Paul, made a wonderful smoked brisket.


Billy, Henry and Fiona walk to Washington Market Park hand in hand.

Jersey Daytrippers

Ona-Rain came into town Saturday afternoon. She will be visiting a college outside of New York on Thursday, but wanted to spend a few days with some of her favorite family members beforehand.

Henry, Ona-Rain and I traveled to New Jersey Sunday for brunch with ex-workmates, Dina and Nicole (who visited here in November). Also in attendance was Megan Ward, another ex-workmate saying farewell to New York friends as she heads to Oregon in March to try something new.