Summer Sunday Playdates

Henry had a busy Sunday playing with friends and visiting another borough. My friend and former colleague, Heather brought her two children, Billy and Fiona downtown to play for a few hours early in the morning. Henry had not yet met these two sweet kids, and they had a great time hanging out and getting to know one another.

After Heather and family’s visit, Henry and I headed to Brooklyn to hang out with Jessica, Stacey and their two girls, Isla and Vera. The kids spent some time in the kiddie pool while the moms were able to drink a bit of champagne. Sidenote: Stacey’s husband, Paul, made a wonderful smoked brisket.


Billy, Henry and Fiona walk to Washington Market Park hand in hand.

Dad’s First Swimming Lesson

Mark did not have to work today so he was able to swim with Henry for the first time. Henry was the sole swimmer (most people were out of town due to the holiday) which seemed to be good for Mark because he could learn the swimming routine without interrupting any other swimmers. Mark enjoyed the time with Henry and he was much more animated than I am when I swim with Henry. It was sweet to watch. Henry got a little more tired than usual, being the center of class and having to perform without any breaks. Class was cut short by about ten minutes and Henry fell asleep right when we got home.

Pool Boy

Henry has really improved at his swim class. He went from a screaming baby in the pool to, I think, actually really enjoying it. His skills in the pool have improved on a weekly basis as well. This is thanks to a great teacher, but also a boy who has become more fearless in the pool. He has learned to float and realize when to hold his breath in preparation for going under water. He kicks and splashes too. It is amazing how babies learn from visual cues. Guess I won’t flip him the bird anymore.


Henry and me through the glass saying hi to Mark. He was able to catch the end of class today.