Dodging Patriots & Varmints

We were glad Henry’s birthday didn’t fall on September 11th. One of the drawbacks of living so close to the WTC is dealing with the idiotic, engine-revving motorcyclists who, in a misguided show of patriotism, pour into Lower Manhattan at midnight on the anniversary, forgetting that it’s also a residential neighborhood. Henry didn’t seem to mind, but whatever happened to a moment of silence?

This afternoon we took a walk by the Hudson River through Rockefeller Park in Battery Park City. About a minute after the picture below (right) was taken we heard a crash and saw what looked like a small dog land on the pavement about twenty feet in front of us. A raccoon had fallen about 20-30 ft. from its nest in an overhead tree branch. Onlookers were stunned, so was the raccoon. I approached, thinking he might be dead. But he regained consciousness and scurried kinda clumsily back into the bushes before I could get a photo.