Book Buddies

Henry had a play date with his friend Stella. The pair seems to enjoy reading and can often be seen sitting together, flipping through books. Of course, being two-year-olds, they can also be seen screaming and laughing at each other. Other than a big bump on Stella’s head from an accidental fall (not shown in photos), the play date went very well.


Henry and Stella look at books together.


Henry and Stella crack each other up.


Book Boat

We took a short walk to Pier 25 where the LILAC Steamship is docked and for a limited time is host to a floating library.

Henry at the helm:

NOLA recap ’14

Nice Day in the Neighborhood

Another freezing day in New York meant we were not able to do too much. Ona got a haircut and the two of us were able to have a nice lunch together while Mark watched Henry. We all spent a bit of time at Barnes and Noble so Henry could roam and read and then I made dinner. Nothing to write home about, but nice to be together for the day.

Bean Bag Boy

Henry received an early Christmas gift yesterday, a bean bag chair for sitting in while he reads. We had him posing on the bean bag, but at some point we hope he sits in it on his own. Currently he resides on my lap most of the time. This doesn’t bother me as I know someday he will not want to hang out with either of his parents much.