Film Fest Family Day

Today we headed down the street to the Tribeca Film Festival Family Street Fair. It is held annually as part of the Tribeca Film Festival. It is a nice opportunity for kids to take part in the festival with mostly free activities and games for all ages. Henry enjoyed the bubbles and kite building, but was also content to sit and color near the Back to the Future exhibit.

NYC Half Marathon 2015

I ran the United Airlines NYC Half Marathon today. I haven’t run this race since its first inception ten years ago. Although I often say only tourists go to Times Square, it was actually a thrilling experience to run through the area with the streets closed just for runners. I had a great cheering section: Henry, Mark, Eamonn and our friend Mimi whose boyfriend, Mike ran the race too. There are no pictures of me actually running because I passed by them so fast, Mark was unable to get a photo (joking, only joking).

Grete’s Great Gallop

Today, I ran a half-marathon, Grete’s Great Gallop. I haven’t run this race for several years as it was previously held in the hottest part of August and I had never done particularly well. Luckily, the schedule has changed, and it was a perfect fall day for running. I ran a PHPB (Post Henry Personal Best). The hills of Central Park are never easy, but knowing my two favorite people were waiting at the finish inspired me to push through. Henry, Mark and I played on the Sheep Meadow afterwards and enjoyed listening to an Irish folk band near the bandshell.

As a sidenote, the race is named after Grete Waitz who was a nine-time NYC Marathon champion. She died of cancer in 2011. You can see more details about the fundraising efforts on the Fred’s Team homepage. I did not raise money, but definitely believe in the cause.

Brooklyn Half Marathon Pre-Party

Henry and I met our friend Dina at the Brooklyn Bridge Park to hang out at the Pre-Party for the upcoming Brooklyn Half Marathon. Henry enjoyed the free sports drink samples so much that he might be better prepared for the race than Dina and me. He got plenty of electrolytes in his system and as the vendor pointed out, “luckily it is all sugar free.”


Brooklyn Half Marathon

Henry and Mark met me after I finished the Brooklyn Half Marathon this morning. I hadn’t run this race for a few years. The course has changed (now ending in Coney Island instead of Prospect Park) and so has my ability to recover as quickly as I used to. I am pretty sore as I write this. It was sure nice to know I could hug my Henry after I was done running. That is what kept me going when I started to struggle in the last mile.

This was Henry’s first trip to Coney Island. He didn’t really get to see much of it, but I told him that the Cyclone will probably still be around when he is old enough to ride it. I tend to forget that people are still feeling the effects of Hurricane Sandy. Coney Island seems to be in a long recovery mode and it is pretty sad as both Mark and I have some fun memories of attending concerts and playing volleyball with friends there. Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs is still closed, but I am sure Coney Island will recover eventually.


Henry and me in front of the Cyclone.

Henry and I watch the other runners at the end of the race.

Henry and I watch the other runners at the end of the race.

Henry found my finisher medal to be a nice chew toy.

Henry found my finisher medal to be a nice chew toy.

Henry’s New Year’s Eve

Mark, Henry and I traveled uptown to Central Park for New Year’s Eve. I have always wanted to run the Annual Emerald Nuts Midnight Run that takes place on New Year’s Eve. This year seemed like a good time to add to the new adventures list: have a baby, run at midnight!

We met our friends, Cara, Aaron and their daughter, Sierra (plus a few of their friends) on the Upper West Side before the race and headed down to the start line a little before 12 a.m. Mark carried Henry in the Ergo carrier while I ran the race. There were fireworks which Henry took in stride and he mostly slept through the cold and loud music at the park.