Time Capsule: Then & Now

In 2001, The New York Times placed a stainless steel sculpture by architect, Santiago Calatrava at The American Museum of Natural History which contains over one hundred objects reflecting the culture of the day. It’s intended to serve as a time capsule not to be opened until one thousand years later on January 1, 3000.

Below are a couple of photos of Jacqui posing near the capsule back in 2001 and this past weekend joined by Henry.


Art Connoisseur

We visited a few art galleries in Chelsea (and the West Village) today. In particular, we wanted to show Henry an exhibit by the sculptor, Nancy Rubins called “Our Friend Fluid Metal” which is made from countless salvaged playground toys.

The other highlight was a show called “Multiple Personalities” by Rob Pruitt at Gavin Brown’s enterprise in the West Village.

New Play Pal

Henry met a new friend named Brandon at the playground today. They ended up hitting it off, laughing, running around, playing with their cars. Brandon is not from the neighborhood so Henry enjoyed showing him some other hangouts (playgrounds). Both boys were disappointed when we had to call it a day, but we hope to meet up with him (and parents) again sometime soon.