Head Cold Henry


Henry on Thursday.

Henry has been battling a very bad cold this week and hasn’t been very energetic. It is the season for sick children, or so I am told. Most of his friends at daycare are battling some form of the same cold (symptoms include deep cough, red goopy eyes, runny nose, whining and lots of cuddling, which doesn’t bother me).  Henry has been in his “tigee” (tiger) pajama set most of the week when not at daycare and gets pretty upset if we try to put him into something different after his bath. Hopefully, he will feel better soon.

Snuggles and Teething

We haven’t posted anything for a few days because we really have not been able to do much with our Henry Boy. He had a fever for three days last week which meant he needed lots of hugging and holding. Unfortunately, this also means lots of whining. He seemed to be most comfortable in my arms while I swayed back and forth, standing up. We can only assume this is all related to teething and hope for Henry to feel better very soon.

There was a small bright spot on Saturday. Henry was all smiles when he received his Christmas gift from his Uncle Chris, a Drew Brees autographed football.

Henry’s Hives

We noticed a few red spots on Henry’s back Sunday night. By Monday he had developed a case of hives all over his body. We still aren’t sure what caused them, but they’ve subsided and he’s feeling much better since this photo was taken last night.

Mae on Her Way

Just as Mae got her energy back and started feeling well again, it was time for her mom and her to head back to Wyoming. The time together is always too short. While we were happy that Mae started feeling better, Henry’s eyes were swollen and pink by Sunday evening. He was diagnosed with conjunctivitis this afternoon. So far he’s still upbeat and active—just with pink, crusty eyes. We suspect Mae’s virus was misdiagnosed and the eye drop prescription Henry received would have helped her a lot sooner.

Whatever the case, the two cousins had a nice last day together, eating lunch, playing at the park and yelling gibberish at one another.

Coxsackie Blues

Henry was upset most of Monday night. Tuesday morning he seemed fine. Around noon, Maryellen wrote to tell me that he had a fever and I should come pick him up. I took him to the pediatrician and he has some blisters on the back of his throat. Apparently this is a common virus called Coxsackie.

Our Tuesday night was spent taking turns trying to soothe Henry boy. This was the most sick he has ever been in his short life. I was unable to take him to daycare today and his fever has been up and down. As of my writing this, he seems to be feeling a lot better and was smiling and crawling around most of the night. Hopefully, we can get him back in the swing of things tomorrow.

Under the Weather

Henry has been a bit under the weather since Sunday night. It is hard to say what is wrong. Monday, I picked him up early from daycare with a temperature. He has been coughing, but only at night. We will continue to monitor him and see how Wednesday goes. He is still pretty happy for the most part, but as Maryellen said, “probably at about 80% and not really being himself.”


Henry’s First Trip

Henrys_First_TripVisitors to this site may notice that it’s been about a week since the previous post. That’s because Henry and I flew to Wyoming last Wednesday. It was Henry’s first overnight trip and his first time meeting the majority of my family. My grandma organized a nice welcome dinner on Saturday so everyone could meet him. Unfortunately Henry spent most of the time fighting the sniffles and what appeared to be either allergies or a small cold. He didn’t get to spend too much time with the family, but there are a few snapshots of him trying to join the party.

We got home late Tuesday night. I will post more photos tomorrow. It was a long day of driving and flying. Henry did fine on both flights, but got pretty restless towards the end and I could tell he was pretty excited to be back with his dad, not that he didn’t love meeting his family in Wyoming. Time for bed.


Henry and me after landing in Denver. Henry did very well on his first plane ride. The two women sitting next to me said they were on their way to Laramie too. They were from Brooklyn and the daughter took this photo.