New Blocks for the Kid

Henry has had a mega-block stand for a few weeks now. Somehow the amount of blocks that came with the set seemed too sparse. We ordered him some more blocks plus a dump truck to transport the blocks. He loves the new truck and the added blocks too. It is fun to watch him concentrate intently on stacking and knocking down the blocks over and over again.


At his age, Henry always seems inevitably drawn to the most hazardous situation possible. In our apartment, that’s usually in the kitchen with all of it’s cutlery, glassware, heat and potential toxins under the sink. So we finally put up a gate to keep him out, but that’s made it even more alluring because now it’s officially forbidden territory.




Saturdays in the Park

There is a nice little playground a few blocks up the street called Washington Market Park. Henry is not quite able to climb around on the equipment yet, but most of the time he gets excited simply watching other kids play. He feels very proud of himself when he can stand, hold on to the bars and scream to voice his excitement.

Henry tries to climb up the steps at the playground. He will be very excited when he can walk around on the steps and climb all over by himself.

Finally…A Tooth

Today when Henry was biting on my finger I noticed it actually hurt and I felt something sharp…a tooth has finally come through.¬†After months of speculation and often using teething as an excuse for his crankiness at various times, alas, the big moment has arrived. He is becoming a man before our very eyes. A very exciting time indeed.
Henry is all over our small apartment now. Currently, his favorite place to be seems to be standing at the coffee table clearing off the magazines and papers and messing with dad’s computer.


Standing Tall

Henry can pull himself up to stand now. Once standing, he can’t figure out what to do next, but he is pretty good at pulling himself up. Time to move the crib mattress down lower very soon. Where once the little guy used to just gaze at the animals on the mobile my sister made, he can now reach up and touch and grab them.

Henry stands in his crib for long periods of time. This is a relatively new activity that started last weekend.

Henry stands in his crib for long periods of time. This is a relatively new activity that started last weekend.

Happy First Mother’s Day

I had a nice first Mother’s Day with my two guys. Henry learned that water comes out of a faucet. Although he doesn’t yet know what a faucet is, he watched the water pour into the tub and was quite curious as to how it all works. We went to an nice brunch, took some time to sit in the park and then took a long nap. Happy Mother’s Day!

Henry stands up in the park (with mom's help).

Henry stands up in the park (with mom’s help).