Father’s Day Weekend ’14

We went to a barbecue in Brooklyn on Saturday as a send-off for our friend, Mimi who’s going to Los Angeles for work for a few months. Then on Sunday we celebrated Father’s Day and the birthday of another of Henry’s daycare friends, Billie, who celebrated hers at La Plaza Cultura, a community garden in the East Village/Lower East Side.

Grand Central

Friday night Henry, Mark and I took the subway to Grand Central Terminal to see a small model train exhibit at the MTA store. Henry had only been to Grand Central once before when he was about four months old and not able to explore. This time he seemed to be in awe of everything, especially the crowds. I had a sense of joy mixed with nostalgia watching him walk through the station. Grand Central is not only one of my favorite buildings in New York, but it was also a frequent meeting place for Mark and I early in our relationship.

Sheep Meadow

Mark, Henry and I went to another picnic in the Sheep Meadow in Central Park on Saturday. Aaron, Cara-Lynn, and Sierra Deutsch hosted. The weather has been reasonable compared to the heat wave of the previous week, so it was nice to be able to be outside and socialize.


Brooklyn Half Marathon

Henry and Mark met me after I finished the Brooklyn Half Marathon this morning. I hadn’t run this race for a few years. The course has changed (now ending in Coney Island instead of Prospect Park) and so has my ability to recover as quickly as I used to. I am pretty sore as I write this. It was sure nice to know I could hug my Henry after I was done running. That is what kept me going when I started to struggle in the last mile.

This was Henry’s first trip to Coney Island. He didn’t really get to see much of it, but I told him that the Cyclone will probably still be around when he is old enough to ride it. I tend to forget that people are still feeling the effects of Hurricane Sandy. Coney Island seems to be in a long recovery mode and it is pretty sad as both Mark and I have some fun memories of attending concerts and playing volleyball with friends there. Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs is still closed, but I am sure Coney Island will recover eventually.


Henry and me in front of the Cyclone.

Henry and I watch the other runners at the end of the race.

Henry and I watch the other runners at the end of the race.

Henry found my finisher medal to be a nice chew toy.

Henry found my finisher medal to be a nice chew toy.

Sunday in Queens


After some playtime in the morning, we took the subway to our friend Eamonn’s apt. in L.I.C., Queens on Sunday afternoon and visited with Mimi, Jon and Carrie too. Henry brought his duck along for backup.

As we’ve seen previously, Henry enjoys a profound connection to the music of Glenn Frey’s solo career.