Snuggles and Teething

We haven’t posted anything for a few days because we really have not been able to do much with our Henry Boy. He had a fever for three days last week which meant he needed lots of hugging and holding. Unfortunately, this also means lots of whining. He seemed to be most comfortable in my arms while I swayed back and forth, standing up. We can only assume this is all related to teething and hope for Henry to feel better very soon.

There was a small bright spot on Saturday. Henry was all smiles when he received his Christmas gift from his Uncle Chris, a Drew Brees autographed football.

Finally…A Tooth

Today when Henry was biting on my finger I noticed it actually hurt and I felt something sharp…a tooth has finally come through. After months of speculation and often using teething as an excuse for his crankiness at various times, alas, the big moment has arrived. He is becoming a man before our very eyes. A very exciting time indeed.
Henry is all over our small apartment now. Currently, his favorite place to be seems to be standing at the coffee table clearing off the magazines and papers and messing with dad’s computer.


Henry at Six Months

It is hard to believe that our little guy is already six months old. I am off by a few days, but will just call it six months because it is March 5th. The last six months have taught both Mark and me a lot about ourselves and what it means to be a parent. There is so much more to learn and look forward to with this little boy. Before I start sounding too much like a mommy blogger (which I suppose I am now) or getting too sappy, I will post a few more pictures of Henry who is teething, and say that we are very happy to share Henry’s many stages so far with our family and friends.

Henry's old man face signifying that he is trying to suck on a tooth that may be coming in soon.

Henry’s old man face signifying that he is trying to suck on a tooth that may be coming in soon.

Henry's teething causes him to drool...a lot.

Henry’s teething causes him to drool…a lot.