Thanksgiving 2013

We had a low-key Thanksgiving with a few friends. Henry’s Thanksgiving this year was much different than last year mainly because he was able to eat a lot of same food we were. He really liked the duck his dad made (we eat duck on Thanksgiving purely because we prefer it to turkey). He also had his first taste of pumpkin pie and liked that a lot too.

Too Young for Beer Pong

Yesterday I took Henry to Rokkan (my office), for the Annual Pre-Thanksgiving meal. This usually entails a lot of good food and drinking games. Henry doesn’t know how to play any of these games yet, but thought he was just one of the gang. My office mates were pretty happy to see him and amazed at how much he has grown.

In Brooklyn, Dressed Like a Bear

Henry took his first trip to the borough of Brooklyn Saturday night. We attended Daniel’s 5th Annual Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner. Daniel is our friend Mimi’s husband. Mimi is still in Japan (we missed her) so it was nice of Daniel to include her friends. Henry wore his bear coat for the trip on the way, of which there has been some debate. Mom thinks the bear coat is super cute and dad thinks Henry will someday resent her for dressing him in this kind of thing. Anyway, back to Henry’s first trip to Brooklyn. Despite his uncharacteristic fussiness most of the day, he behaved really well once we got to the dinner. By behaved really well, this means he slept most of the time. He really needed it. Thanks to Daniel for the great food and hospitality.