Duck Lost and Found

One of the ducks, traveling duck, has been found. It was in Henry’s diaper bag that I had not used or emptied for a few weeks. Luckily, Henry can have one duck and the frogs for bath time. Again, I am more sentimental about the duck than Henry so I was determined to find at least one of them.

Henry and blue duck reunite in the tub.

Henry and blue duck reunite in the tub.

Tub Toys

Henry had become very fond of his favorite tub toy, a blue rubber duck. So much so, that he often took it to play with elsewhere—even in dry environments. When he forgot it a couple of months ago while visiting friends, we quickly found an identical replacement online. Unfortunately he just can’t seem to keep track of his ducks and has lost it again somewhere on the streets of New York City.

I think Jacqui and I felt duck’s loss more than Henry did. The transition to a post-duck phase of babyhood marks a passage of time and evokes a sort of sentimental nostalgia for his younger days even this early in his life.

However, as you can see below, Henry’s adapted quite well and has moved on to sailing one of his frogs around the tub in a toy boat. So now we’ll have to cherish his frog phase.