NOLA recap ’14

Michelle and Tyler’s Wedding


Henry’s big moment as ring bearer required a last minute line-up change since he and his Paw Paw have become practically inseparable during this trip. Nevertheless, he pulled it off and kept his composure during the ceremony. Congrats and thanks to both Tyler and Michelle!


Snuggles and Teething

We haven’t posted anything for a few days because we really have not been able to do much with our Henry Boy. He had a fever for three days last week which meant he needed lots of hugging and holding. Unfortunately, this also means lots of whining. He seemed to be most comfortable in my arms while I swayed back and forth, standing up. We can only assume this is all related to teething and hope for Henry to feel better very soon.

There was a small bright spot on Saturday. Henry was all smiles when he received his Christmas gift from his Uncle Chris, a Drew Brees autographed football.

NOLA recap

We returned home yesterday after our visit to New Orleans. It was a fun trip and especially nice for Henry to meet family members he hadn’t yet and to spend time with everyone in his ancestral home. Thanks to all who hosted and helped us celebrate. Here are more photos:




P.S. Uncle Mickey taught Henry a few chords:

Henry’s First Birthday

First_Birthday_NOLAThe first year of Henry’s life has gone by in the blink of an eye. Again, running the risk of sounding cliché, it is a happy event, but also filled with pangs of nostalgia. I realize it’s early in his life to feel nostalgia and I’m happy to watch him flourish, but can’t help but feel some bit of sadness for how fast it has gone. I am sure this is a common parental feeling that I never fully understood until becoming one myself. It is amazing to watch him change each day, but there is also a yearning to hold on to each moment for much longer than it seems to last.

To celebrate Henry’s actual birthday today, we went to the Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans with Grandma Lois, Uncle Chris and his girlfriend, Janette. After swimming with fishes and jumping the shark, we celebrated at Aunt Cheryl’s with cake and ice cream afterwards. Henry wore a pin on his shirt the whole day that read, “My First Birthday” to let everyone know.

First Time in New Orleans

We flew to New Orleans today where we’ll celebrate Henry’s actual birthday later in the week but today we celebrated his cousin, Rachael’s 21st.

Henry & The Hesses

With his trusty slotted spoon, Henry sits between Andrew and Matt.

With his trusty slotted spoon, Henry sits between Andrew and Matt.