Stella Time

We met Stella and her parents in Central Park today, followed by some fun at the sprinklers outside Hayden Planetarium at the Natural History Museum. Stella and Henry are really good buddies and they spent lots of time running around and sweating in the hot sun. Needless to say, both kids were pretty worn out afterwards.

Book Boat

We took a short walk to Pier 25 where the LILAC Steamship is docked and for a limited time is host to a floating library.

Henry at the helm:

New Play Pal

Henry met a new friend named Brandon at the playground today. They ended up hitting it off, laughing, running around, playing with their cars. Brandon is not from the neighborhood so Henry enjoyed showing him some other hangouts (playgrounds). Both boys were disappointed when we had to call it a day, but we hope to meet up with him (and parents) again sometime soon.

Monkeyin’ Around

Henry and I ventured out of the neighborhood once again today. We went to the Prospect Park Zoo which seemed like just the right size for someone his age on their first visit to a zoo. Henry was very enamored of the birds, but got quite spooked when a mountain goat tried to lick his hand. One side note: there were cows and sheep on display. This made me laugh because I grew up seeing both animals often, but they must look exotic to city kids.

After seeing some real baboons, we went to the LeFrak Center at Lakeside, which has a big sprinkler area for kids. I can’t speak for Henry, but judging from his reactions, I would venture to say, he had a great day (so did I).

Coney Island Baby

Henry had previously been to Coney Island when we met Jacqui at the finish line of the Brooklyn Half-Marathon, but he didn’t have the chance to visit the amusement parks or play on the beach. Since his cousin Shannon had never been, we decided to pay a visit, making it Henry’s first actual time at a beach and in the ocean.