4 thoughts on “winter_boots1_12.14.13

  1. He looks like a little lumberjack coming home from a long hard day up in the trees! How’s he walking in them? I remember the first time I put my kids in boots how perplexed they were. Hope you are all staying warm and enjoying the snow!

  2. He’s not used to such rigid footwear and has a little trouble walking in them. I think they might actually make him more likely to stumble and fall in the snow. Kinda defeats the purpose of keeping him warm and dry, but at least he looks the part of a rugged outdoorsman.

  3. Those tiny, darling boots are as long as his legs. Love them. I remember the first one’s we got for Dax at Christmas, he just took out the linings and used them, much less hassle. Hope you guys are working up to a wonderful Christmas.

    • He really can’t walk outside in them. They are like stilts. It will be fun to see him at Christmas this year because he will be more able to take part in everything.

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